Cash for cars

Cash for cars

We are buying cars in all area of Indianapolis. What exactly happens with you car after we buy it.

1. We inspect the cash for junk car and see if the engine and transmission is good or bad. If either is good we nay or may not try to sell them as used auto parts depending on the demand, quality, and miles on that particular item.
2. After inspection we start right away with dismantling. First we drain all the fkuids, gas, antifreeze, and oil. We dispose of this properly thru different companies who will actually use the material to recycle.
3. We drop the engine and transmission subframe. With the engine and transmission out we remove the radiator and ac condenser.
4. We remove the tires and wheels.
5. The vehicle is then crushed and either put away in storage or sold to the shredder company who will shred it into pieces and separates the aluminum from copper and iron.


Steps for junk car removal.

So there you have it. These are the steps that goes into us paying you the most cash for cars as possible. We have junked many cars in our years in this business.

We take pride in our quotes and we are waiting for your phone call today. Call 317-941-5865

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